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Our Costs/Fees

Preparing a Tax Depreciation Schedule for the specific property that the client comes from is a task of left hand ease! Cost of the Tax reduction and Investment Maximizing Depreciation won’t be much.

There is no point in worrying. Worrying for the fees is not much of a concern to us. Our fees will be covering all the expenses that will give three folds in return for all the amazing support you will be giving us. Prior to our fees it is important to look at the following:

Which kind of Property Can Be Depreciated?

You can go for a depreciation schedule on your property if it meets all the following requirements.

• You own the property.

• You use the property in your business or income-producing activity (such as rental property).

• The property has a determinable useful life.

• The property is expected to last more than one year.

But all these matters get skipped as soon as the buyer or the investor buys the house and skips purchasing. Year after year, thousands of dollars go unclaimed by many various kinds of property investors who are none the wiser. All it usually takes is a qualified quantity surveyor to inspect your home and prepare a report for your accountant. There can be quite a substantial amount of savings which can be raised by the investors against the depreciation schedule that gets prepared.

Here are two types of allowances available:

• Plant and equipment Depreciation

• Depreciation on building allowance.

There are specialists who will do that for you who are the qualified, certified and experienced Quantity surveyors in making accurate measurement of construction costs with a view to maximizing a client’s financial position in relation to their property assets. Only a fully qualified quantity surveyor brings the appropriate education, experience and training to provide reliable figures upon which to base a property tax depreciation schedule. One doesn’t want to rely on best guesses when dealing with the ATO – especially when there is professional help available. When it comes to pricing, each property is considered in the pricing of the property and calculation.

The Google depreciation estimate is the best one in the market that is free of the opinion. But one who gets it done with a qualified quantity surveyor is the one that is certified and much valid with 40 years down the line. The depreciation tax reduction against the schedule preparation is much higher when you have hired us.

Our service fees will not surprise you or your finances since they are decided reasonably since our services are competitive in entire Sydney. We are committed to make the costs economical and the returns profiting for you in the first full financial year itself. Our Tax Depreciation schedule reports take into consideration all your residential and commercial property depreciation requirements and are decided to fall in the range of $ 150 to $ 400. They are 100% tax deductible and carry no additional payment conditions for receiving related reports like scrapping schedules etc. When we gauge that a claim of depreciation is well possible on your investment property, only then we initiate our services.