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Privacy Policy

1. Depreciation Schedule Sydney values and shares the concern of protecting your privacy. This website policy states, how your personal information is collected, treated, and shared. We are committed to adhere to the National Privacy Principles and our systems of treating personal information are meant to make certain that you are well protected under Australian privacy laws.

2. We gather personal information via emails that you send to us or in the course of queries that you submit to us or while you subscribe to any of the services via our website. Subject to paragraph 3, we will not gather or save any personal information on any individual person until and unless that person has particularly provided this personal detail to us.

3. If you expressly give personal information of other persons to us for the usage of our services to communicate with them, we would save this detail on your behalf.

4. We may be directed to disclose your personal information in the event that you allow us for doing so. We might also be directed or approved by law to unveil your personal information for official reasons. We use 3rd party services to oversee anonymous usage of the Depreciation Schedule Sydney website including the technical details offered by your web browser. The Depreciation Schedule Sydney website also accounts 3rd Party code from Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook and Google Analytics which may track your usage behavior of our site.

5. Seeing the personal information that you have stored on our servers is easily possible. You can also feed new information in our database if you wish to. Changing such information, stored in our database is also possible.

6. Deletion of all personal information we have saved on your behalf from our database is also catered to on request. We may be required to save information for billing purpose or by law otherwise we will quickly adhere to any such request to delete your information from our records. The deletion of the information is possible only when the requested details also match with our records.

7. We will definitely obey your request to remove all your personal details from our data in a suitable manner to protect your rights of privacy. Your details will only be used for the reason for which it is given or as allowed by you.

8. This privacy policy can be changed without notice. Please refer this document before any event of giving us the information.

9. If you have questions on this Privacy Policy, get in touch with us on or email ……………………………………..